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Prevention ERGOSOLUTIONSPrevention Ergosolutions Dr. L. Tamminen-Peter Ergonomin

Dr. Leena Tamminen-Peter
(PhD., T.P.T.)
CEO, Ergonomist & Founder of
Oy Ergosolutions BC Ab

Ergosolutions’ core activity:  specialized in occupational health,
research, ergonomics business consulation services, education and lecturing.

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Ergonomic Patient Handling Card – Ergonomic Patient Handling Passport

The Ergonomic card is an evidence based educational patient handling scheme developed by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health. The Ergonomic Card training is carried out by authorized teachers such as Dr. Leena Tamminen-Peter of Ergsosolutions.

Target group: Social- and health care professionals such as physiotherapists, nurses and their teachers.
Goal: To up-date one’s patient handling skills, according to current recommendations. Good skills reduce work-related musculoskeletal disorders, improves risk assessment abilities
when assisting patients, contributes to safety and increases the quality of care and rehabilitation.
1) E-learning (during 2 months)
• Importance of ergonomics as a part of the patient’s care and own safety.
• Applying biomechanical principals when assisting patients to move with helping devices.
• Assessment of patients’ care dependency and need of assisting devices in own unit.
• Body awareness is a starting point to for posture and movements of the nurse (practical exercises).
• Patient’s natural patterns are the starting point in assisting a patient to move.
• Legal and professional responsibilities.
• Four E-learning tasks must be done before entering to the hands on training.

2) Practical training (2 days)
• Natural movement patterns and body awareness of the assistant.
• Assessment and activation of patients’ resources.
• Assistance in various transfer situations.
• Practice of adequate assisting devices usage.
• How to deal with unpredictable occurrences.
3) Deepened one’s patient handling skills at one’s own work place (c. during 1 month) or at a to be agreed upon care work institution.

4) Brief repetition course followed by the practical Ergonomic patient handling exam (1 day)

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